JSC "Orsha meat-canning plant" is producing canned meat, meat and vegetable and fish and vegetable canned goods for infant food for more than 35 years.
In 2014 in the framework of the national program «Infant food» for 2011-2015 was commissioned new workshop for infant food which permits production 70 thousand standard cans per shift.

Under this investment project the company started production of meat, meat-vegetable and fish- vegetable canned meat for infant food in glass jar under the new trademark «Baby hit».
The new Italian equipment allowed produced the homogenized canned meat for infant food since 6 months. To date, the range estimates more than 30 item names of meats purée: «Beef», «Beef with liver», «Pork», «Beef with buckwheat cereal», «Beef with sea cabbage», «Beef with turkey meat» and others.

Infant food «Baby hit» produced in 100 Gy glass jar, also continues produced canned for infant food in aluminium jar under the trademark «OMKK».
Meat of young animals, which were raised at specialized farms of the Republic of Belarus, employing special technology, is used for production of canned meat:
- without growth-promoting factor;
- without hormonelike materials;
- without antibiotics.

Our product:
- is produced only of cooled meat raw materials;
- does not contain preservatives and chemical additions;
- does not contain modified sources and soya;
- has delicate consistence, nice taste and smell.
Quality control is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the International System of quality of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.
Taking into consideration physiological peculiar properties of infant digestive system we produce preserves of 2 following reduction ranges:
- paplike for infants of more than 6 months old;
- coarse grinding for infants of more than 8 months old.

Jar –glass jar №1 , net weight - 100g,
Number of jar on pallets -3 600,
Weight of one pack- 3,14 kg
The issue of supply:
Alexander Goncharenko
e-mail: ved@omkk.by
tel. +375216 53-07-03; +375216 53-14-60
www.omkk.by, www.babyhit.by

Baby Hit